Whether you're starting out in the eBook business – or even just planning it, you'll soon find out that there are a lot of things to think about'before you actually get your sales going.

Publishing eBooks requires a different set of skills than those needed to be a great author. Chances are, you have already found out that selling eBooks is quite different from writing eBooks.

My name is Eric Maziade – I'm one of the co-creators of Secure-eBook.

I am here today to try and give you an answer to a few questions that often come up when I talk with eBook sellers:

"How do I sell my eBook?"

"How do I get money from customers?"

"How do I get customers to know about my eBook?"

"How can I find eBook readers that are ready to purchase my eBook?"

"How can I publish my eBook in order to build a profitable eBook publishing business?"

"Ok, I got my eBook, I got my Web site... but how do I get people to actually purchase my eBook?"

Eric Maziade, author of eBook Business Machine Eric Maziade,
author of eBook Business Machine

These questions might sound familiar to you- and they should! They are some of the most common questions when starting or planning to build your own eBook publishing business.

If that is you, then I have something that will help you...

eBook Business Machine Cover

My book, "The eBook Business Machine", is a guide for what you need to start your own online business that gives you all the steps to aim you in the right direction. It is a business plan that can truly make a real business out of your eBook writing plans – provided you're willing to put all the required hard work in it.

In this eBook, I will give you tips on how to write proper, attractive Web Sites, how to attract people to these Web Sites and the multiple methods that will allow you to convince your visitors to actually purchase your eBook.

You can get this valuable knowledge for only $9.95 – that's quite a bargain! For a few dollars, you'll get great insight and great tips on how to structure your fully automated eBook selling machine!

"The eBook Business Machine" covers all the aspects of your eBook publishing business:

Chapter 1 - Writing an eBook
Chapter 2 - What Price for an eBook?
Chapter 3 - Building Your Web Site
Chapter 4 - Find a Payment Service That Will Allow You to Bill Your Clients
Chapter 5 - Protect Your eBook
Chapter 6 - Getting Traffic to Your Web Site
Chapter 7 - Get other people to sell your eBooks
Chapter 8 - Conclusion (Step by Step Guide)

After reading this eBook, you will know what you need to do to start selling eBooks and build a successful eBook publishing business.

satisfaction.gif In fact, I'm so convinced that my guide will help you that I will back it with my personal satisfaction guarantee: if you're not happy with the book – for any reason – just let me know within 30 days of your purchase and you will get a complete refund.

Great stuff! The concepts and tactical details [within "The eBook Business Machine"] will undoubtedly help us at Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd.

I particularly liked your guidance for building a stable of related e-Books. It really got me thinking and made us make some substantial changes to our business plan.

- John Harries
Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd.
Hamilton, Bermuda

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